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Game/Forum/Chat Rules

Due to Recaptcha recently being hacked and some undesirable people trying to trash the forum we changed so that newly created forum accounts must wait one day as well as be manually accepted before being able to use the forum. This is to prevent spam bots and banned users from entering and disrupting the forum.

vBulliten is a bit silly and gives a slightly misleading message about this.

So if you get the following message don't be alarmed. You just have to wait ~24 hours before you can fully use the forum.

"<Your account name>, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

1.Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

2.If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation."

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Ninjamanager Rules

The Rules must be read, understood, accepted and followed by all NinjaManager players. It is the players responsibility to follow these rules and regularly check back to see if there are any changes. Failure to follow these rules will lead to punishment such as temporary bans or a permanent ban. Minor offenses to these rules will result in a warning.

* Rules unmarked with (Game-, Forum- and/or Chat rule) applies to the entire Ninjamanager community. That means it applies for both the game, forum and chat.

Rule Updates
* January 20 2016 Clan recruitment changes, slight reformat in general.
* February 8 2014 Spoiler Rule defined further.
* August 30 2013 Clan forum account rule tweaked.
* July 13 2013 Explanation of main/alt exchanging.
* May 1 2013 Reworded anonymity and account registration in the chat.
* March 27 2013 Clarified anonymity and account registration in the chat.
* June 27 2012 Added rule about anonymity in the chat.
* October 25 2011 Flooding rule defined, including challenge requests.
* March 10 2011 Signature rules hyperlinked.
* Nov 28 2010 Clan rules added.
* Dec 15 2009 Colours and fonts.
* Oct 21 2009 Names replaces Offensive names, Original name and Team names.


Trading wins (Game rule)
It's strictly forbidden to trade wins or intentionally lose. This means you should NOT remove or miss place ninjas from the team to boost your friends and/or other teams/clan you might have. It's of course OK to remove ninjas from your team to train certain ninjas, but we do not want to hear any kind of trade win talk either in our chat or in the forums.

Read more about it here.

When exchanging challenges, do it between the same teams. "Main/Alt" exchanging falls under trading wins/boosting.

Player 1 weak alt challenge Player 2 strong main
Player 2 weak alt challenge Player 1 strong main

Result would be that both strong main accounts would get free wins that their alts have "paid" for so that the mains can use their energy for more valuable challenges.


You are allowed to register and play with a maximum of 2 game accounts (special conditions during events, read the event information). Any more than this will lead to a ban. If you share your computer with someone else we suggest you only play with 1, this is to avoid getting banned for multiple accounts. You are only allowed to have 1 account in the forum (exception for clans, see clan section) and 1 account in chat, breaking this rule will lead to the other accounts being banned or in severe cases all accounts being banned.

Registering an account (Chat rule)
For the sake of everyone: Register an account in the chat as soon as possible, preferably straight away. The anonymous function is ok for the first day or two, but not more than that. Once you do have an account make sure to log in to it at all times. This not only makes you identifiable, but it also helps you get assistance because you look a lot more serious about staying in the chat. Often, people don't even bother responding to anons. Plus it means more safety for you since people can't impersonate you and give you a bad reputation (Yes, people often do that). And perhaps most interesting for you, by having an account moderators will also take you more seriously and be more interested in giving you a second chance if you break the rules.

If a moderator tells you to register/log in it's often because there's something shady about your IP address or actions, such as having an account but not logging in to it. Failing to do so may lead to a ban.

Don't pretend to be someone else (moderators, webmaster, support or anything related to someone you are not on NinjaManager). It's prohibited and will lead to a ban. Don't steal other players/clans name, do not use names in advertising purpose and refrain from naming yourself after well-known people.

Specifications regarding your user name, team name and clan name

• You are not allowed to use any offensive language or sexual, racism or in any way discriminatory content in the user-/team-/clan name
• Do not add any messages in your user-/team name. I.e "I will win" or "Fight me I dare you"

• Your user-/team-/clan name may not contain any information regarding your accept rate or status
• Refrain from writing your user-/team-/clan name in CAPS.
Names written in CAPS will be edited to lowercase. "I.e TEAM KYUUBINARUTORASENGAN".
SHORTER names is "okay" (a few letters/short name) to use, but we prefer if you didn't.
• Do not overuse numbers in your user-/team-/clan name. I.e "Team Lee21390482390243"
Using a few numbers is allowed IF the name you wanted is taken
• Do not "faceroll" the name. I.e "sfdkljslksd"

Any team/clan names breaking the rules will be edited (or changed to something random if the entire name breaks the rules). If you don't like the new name you've been given you can always reset. Don't want to reset? Should have thought of that before breaking the rules.

You take full responsibility for whatever happens with your account. It's you who must keep hackers, evil friends, younger brothers and other potential threats away from your account. We also cannot take responsibility for any bugs or glitches which you might run into, although will do try to fix those as soon as possible.

Sharing accounts
You are not allowed to share accounts with other players. This is for both your sake, and your own safety. You don't want to lose your team and ninjas because of some misunderstanding, and we sure don't want to hear you complaining about it.

Trading, selling, giving away (Game rule)
This falls under sharing accounts. You are not allowed to trade, sell, buy or even give away accounts/clans. Both players will be temporarily banned and the accounts involved will be deleted.

Email and password
The email address and password you choose must be unique and reachable. Write your password down and do not share it with anyone. We cannot reset or see your password, you must do it by yourself.

Secret question
The secret question is used for recovering a lost password, and changing your password. Do not forget your answer to the secret question you choose. We cannot help you remember it...

Inactive accounts (Game rule)
Accounts which have not been logged in to for several months may be permanently deleted. This means everything will be deleted with no chance of getting it back. If you don't want you account deleted, be sure to log in once in awhile.


Two clans (game/forum rule)
You're allowed to have one clan per game account, as in max 2 per person. If you share computer with someone else we suggest that you only create 1, just like game accounts. This is to avoid getting banned for multiple accounts. To create a second clan you need another forum account - contact a moderator/admin before first. You're only allowed to use your second forum account in your clan thread. Breaking this rule will lead to a ban.

(forum/chat rule)
You're only allowed to have one forum thread per clan. Use the clan thread or the official clan recruitment thread for recruitment on the forum. Any recruitment in the chat needs to be at least 60 minutes and 12 rows in between regardless if it's aimed towards anyone or a specific individual. Don't harass people to join you in any way or form.

Creating another clan
Don't create new clans over and over. When you create a new clan, a forum thread is automatically created. By creating several clans you flood the forum with new threads. Be sure of what you want to name your clan before you create it! Flooding the forum will lead to a warning and/or ban from forum and/or game.

General Rules

Language (Forum/Chat rule)
This community is strictly English - no other languages are allowed. Clan threads MUST be labeled accordingly before any other language is allowed. Breaking this rule will lead to the post/thread in question being deleted, and in some cases a warning or a ban will be issued. Keep the forum and chat clean. That means no excessive swearing, sexual/racial profanity or insults. If you have doubts if a word is ok or not - don't use it.

Respect other users
Harassing, bullying, insulting, trash-talking or threatening other members is not tolerated. Also remember to respect each persons religion, everyone has the right to believe in what they want.

Threads (Forum rule)
When creating a new post/thread try your best to use upper-case and lower-case letters correctly. Do not write entire sentences using Caps Lock. Try to use punctuation correctly. Keep it to the subject, do not go off-topic talking about something that is not relevant to the topic. Post in the appropriate Forum - Self explanatory. Posts created in the wrong section will be moved to the correct forum or deleted at the moderator's discretion.

Unwanted post/threads (Forum/Chat rule)
You are not allowed to post pornographic, racist, disgusting or in any other way disturbing material. Do not use the forum for any sort of advertisement. It is also forbidden to post links to sites for the purpose of earning you or anyone else money or points (Gaiamon excluded). Do not ask for or post links to any sites/pages that contain illegal material, such as torrents or FTP servers. Anime and manga are an exception.

Game chat (Forum/Chat rule)
Do not use the forum or chat as a game chat for other games. General talk about other games is ok, as in discussing what they are about and how they are like. But for in depth talk you should use their own community functions

If you see someone breaking a rule, such as bumping, spamming or posting something unnecessary in the forum please refrain from pointing it out in the thread. This is to avoid any unnecessary off-topic. A moderator will take care of it as soon as he can and inform the person if he or she has done something wrong.

Challenges/Exchanges (Forum/Chat rule)
Don't ask for challenges, trades/exchanges as well as Gaiamon feed links too often, keep them at least 20 minutes apart as well as in compliance with the spam/flood rule (12 rows in between). This also includes “you want to go again requests”. So make sure to decide how many times the two of you want to exchange right away “i.e I have 40 AE”. If you don't get a response right away don't ask for it again as it will count as spam. You are not allowed to ask for challenges/exchanges in the forum.

Spam, Flooding and Bumping (Forum/Chat rule)
Do not spam* or flood* the forum and chat with nonsense. Do not bump* threads without contributing to the subject.

Spaming means posting random gibberish, such as face-rolling the keyboard - "fasdfghda", writing in only CAPS, repeating the same/similar thing several times in a row or excessive use of same letters/words/pictures/videos/smilies for no obvious reason all accounts as Spam. Going severely off-topic in forum threads without good reasons will also be considered as Spam and thus treated as such.

• Flooding means posting the same or similar thing and is also a form of spamming. Don't re-post if your old message can still be seen in the chat (counting large version of the chat, 12 rows in between). Another more literal form of flooding is to post several messages in quick succession. Make sure you type out complete sentences before submitting rather than hitting the enter key every 2-3 words.

Bumping a thread means posting in it long after the time of the last post, thus "resurrecting" it (BUMP = Bring Up My Post).

Double Posting (Forum rule)
Generally you should not double-post, or in other words, post more than one message right after another one you have posted. Please use the edit button to edit your post, located below the post on the right side. This is not a strictly enforced rule, but should be considered none the less - Do not double-post unless necessary.

Signatures (Forum rule)
Your signature*, avatar, presentation and title may not break any of Ninjamangers rules. If they do, we will change or remove it for you, give you a warning or in severe cases ban you.

Refer to this thread for signature rules:
NinjaManager Forums > NinjaManager Community > Forum Rules > Signatures

Colors and fonts (Forum/Chat rule)
Do not use any bright colors in the forum or in the chat, we prefer if you use the standard colors (black on white). Do not use any other background color other than the default (white). Do not use any fonts that aren't readable, use the standard text size and don't use bold/italic/underline. Rules regarding Chatangos premium services are the following;

Do not use any pictures covering your entire post field. Having some small picture/text to the far right might be tolerated if it has high transparency and as long as it doesn't break any of the other rules.
• Do not attach or post any interactive smilies to your post field. That means the last 4 smilies.

It is forbidden to post spoilers* about anything that happens in mangas or books etc. in the anime sections or in the chat due to respect for those who are not reading them. Discussions that involve both anime and manga shall be created in their respective manga section and discussions regarding books shall be clearly marked. Avoid discussing animes/movies/games etc. that just came out in the chat to give others a chance of experience it for themselves first.

• A spoiler is an event that has yet to take place in the story (for example: things usually happen in mangas before they do in the anime series).

Mistakes made in the game (Forum/Chat rule)
Do not ask us for help correcting a mistake made by you in the game. For example choosing the wrong element, buying the wrong ninja or item/ability. It is your responsibility to overlook any changes you do to your team and that they are correct.

Hacking, exploits and glitches

Bots and scripts
Using bots, macros, scripts, reload plugins or any type of third party software that plays the game for you, or otherwise manipulates game play experience is forbidden. It is also strictly forbidden to give other players of the game hints or tips on how to exploit the game.

Hacking the game or in any way taking advantage of glitches and exploits is strictly forbidden. Even asking for these kind of things will lead to severe punishment. Not to mention distributing scripts or teaching the exploit to others! Hacks, glitches and exploits are dealt with as soon as we become aware of them.

Reporting glitches
If you do happen to find a glitch or anything which can be abused in the game to players advantage, you *must* contact us! We will be most grateful for your cooperation!

Admins and Game Masters

Do not ask to become one
If we would like you to help us, we will contact you. Asking, begging or otherwise bothering us about this subject will lead to a temporary ban. Be sure not to be fooled by anyone impersonating us, asking you to become an admin or game master.

No refunds or changes
We will under no circumstances give you powerups, boost, ryo, ninjas, items or in any way alter your team for you. Neither will we undo purchases, ninjas you have recruited or anything like that. There are no refunds. Think before you buy something, and be sure to log out afterwards if you are in a public place.

Fake admins, impersonators
It is strictly forbidden to impersonate an Admin or Game Master of NinjaManager. This means not only the name, but also contacting players outside of our site, offering them bonuses and such. It is also the players responsibility not to fall for these tricks. We will never contact you outside of NinjaManager, and we will never ask for your password. Be sure not follow suspicious links sent to you outside of the game.

Remember to respect anyone working with NinjaManager, the forum or the chat. They are here for yours and others sake. We won't tolerate any trash-, back-talk or the like against moderators. If you think a moderator misbehaves or abuses its power please send a PM to either Aenonar or Udon providing proof of some sort, such as screenshots or chat logs.

Bans and warnings

Breaking the rules
Breaking the rules leads to either a warning or a ban. This decision is taken by us and is definite. If you have an issue regarding a ban do not post it in the public chat/forum, please send a PM to either Udon or Aenonar providing proof of some sort, such as screenshots or chat logs. But whining and complaining might not get the ban removed, it might even lead to an extended ban. Players are responsible for being aware of the warnings and notifications they receive. The messages from the in-game notification system cannot be replied to, you must send us an email or PM if you need to respond.

Moderators may, and are allowed to remove any threads and posts in the forum/chat and ban any individual at their own discretion for as long as they see fit.
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