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Here is now finally a guide that puts it all together. It's mostly focused towards your first time through beginner, so all the stats are based on that. The drop rates on legendary weapons are also based on your first try where you have double chance. If you want more in depth info about the legendary weapons, go to this lovely thread.

I have also listed the LW drops on the FN jounins and FN kage. But their health is shown as the one they would have on beginner just to make it easier for you to calculate.
Ragnarok is an impossible mode LW, the guide is focused towards the "first" time as in beginner mode. Only the FN's have some of their LW's added since you'll be on the correct mode to get them the "first" time... Pretty pointless to add the rest since the LW guide is there already

Rawr. Me smash you die.

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