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Lightbulb 800's and 400's: A Guide

Total Remake of my 800's stat value guide...

800's and 400's: A Guide

In this guide I will compare all the 800 and 400 ability's in the game, with this I mean the Attack Value of all these ability's

The Attack Value that I have used come from Teamish' guide for Attack Value. The stats have been put here under.

Some stats have been changed because they were based on a too high Tai/Nin team so I have changed them, if this is done they are made bold
Teamish' Attack Value:
ATK                                    1 atk

TAI                                    0.5 atk                                
NIN                                    0.5 atk                   
STA                                    ~0.2 atk
RES                                    ~0.075 atk

indRES				       ~0.05 atk 
indE-ADV			       ~0.075 atk

E-ADV                                  ~0.1 atk
REROLL                                 ~0.25 atk*                 
E-DMG                                  ~0.15 atk
eATKdown                               1 atk
eTAIdown                               0.5 atk
eSTAdown                               ~0.175 atk

TAIimmune                              ~0,75 atk*                   
NINimmune                              ~0.75 atk*

Endurance                              ~0.35 atk
CritChance                             0.175 atk*                   
CritDamage                             0.375 atk*

ELEMimmune                             x                        (0,25)#
ItemFind                               x			(0.2)
Ryo+                                   x			(0.75)
NinjaExp+                              x			(0.35)
Death5                                 x                        (0.3)^

* = Reroll, Tai/Nin Immunity, Critical Chance and Critical Damage were based on
 a 300 Tai/Nin Immunity Team, I have made these based on a 150 Tai/Nin 
 Immunity Team so the stats would be more even.
# = Elemental Immunity wasn't in the guide so I took it from Udon's guide with 
 an Attack Value of 0.25.
^ = Level 5 Death has been given with a range from 0.3 - 1.5, I have taken the 
 lowest one because I think it's the most correct.
If you guys would prefer different please comment.

Henk V -NCW- ~ 800's and 400's: A Guide
Avy: Silphonix
Signature: Alakan
Thank you!

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