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Originally Posted by hugoaburame View Post
yes Firehydrant, I guess you're kind of right and I could just make my own table, I kinda actually already did... :P But I don't really get what your problem is with me calling it AV, it's just that I use it for a different purpose..., and why should AV only be used for LW's when it's just a clarifier for how much every stat is proximately worth...?
I don't have a problem if you really want to call it AV, I'm just trying to help you avoid questions like "why's your AV different from the official AV?"

Speaking of which Lunar wrote most of what you called the "Teamish" table, which is actually the first edition AV table. Teamish's guide has since switch to the second edition AV table (the event custom LW table), most of the work for which was done by me. If you're going to reference those tables, please give credit where its due. If you're not going to use those tables (i.e. write your own), you might as well call it "Hugo's AV table" or something like that to set it apart. So you don't keep getting more questions about why its different.
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