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Its a pity...I want to give myself a furry as a gift, you know, perfect Christmas gift and all that, but pride is making me wanna complete the 12 pokemon girls I have set myself to claim this year. *Grins foxily.* So, for my normal second half of the month claim I will go for my favorite Elite four member out of all the generations, Shauntal, the Ghost type trainer who loves writing books.

For my Christmas I shall claim my favorite Pokémon champion and wrap this thing up once and for all. I shall go with Cynthia, The Sinnoh League Champion. There, that's it, my favorite Pokémon girls for 2015 all assembled! The five female companions, five gym leaders, one from every generation besides the first, favorite elite four and favorite Champion! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you get lots of presents and harem girls under your tree this year! Have a happy 2015 for as long as it may last.

FORCE Susanoo Slayers (Possible last Impossible mode before NM2! Watch your back, Madara Uchiha!)
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