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My answer to immunity / Crit Damage / Caps / Nerfs / Boosts/ Changes is this:

For Summons: Starting at Level 50, Significantly increase the XP needed to level up Summons using the existing formula as a guide. Then at Level 65, increase slightly. Level 80, moderate increase. Level 95, another significant increase, bringing Summons to a crawl.

For Ninjas: Starting at Level 90, slightly increase the XP needed to level up Ninjas using the existing formula as a guide. Then at Level 100, increase slightly. Level 110, increase slightly and so on.

This idea effects everyone equally.

Going forward, % based stats should be added with caution and ALOT of chakra requirements. Ninkame and Katsuyu as well as [ INSERT % based Summon here ] give too much "Bang for your buck" and leave alot of room for premium builds. With the idea above, a small decrease of .25% to these stats could go a long way in balancing Summons.

I will include a very amateur example of what I think a Summon with 1% immunity could look like:

Quintuple Rashoumon - Purple fox
Five Layers
-Enemy Att, Tai/Nin Imm, End 2.5 / 0.5 / 0.5 / 3

68 Chakra or 72 Chakra

Effect: Decreases Attack on all ninjas on the enemy team. Increases Taijutsu/Ninjutsu immunity and Endurance on all ninjas on your team

After mission "The Beginning and the end"

Please comment..
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