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Lightbulb Another thought.

Hi again, I wanted to share my thoughts with you on my 2 teams.

For my first team, I decided to go LW hunting now, as I am stuck with beating Yondaime in the Otherworld.

When it comes to my 2nd team, I am stuck at Fire Country with Itachi (I have 3 Crystals) but I cleared the first 2 countries (Lightning,Earth) pretty fast. I want to do a High Seal - Immunity team.

My questions for my first team are:
1. Are there any faster ways to get a LW?
2. Do I really need to level my Jounin/Kage up to ~40 to get the "Luna Sword"?
3. Isn't it more useful to start LW hunting in later modes because you have more LW slots?
4. Should I restart into Beginner because of the faster progression rate?
5. After deciding for Tobi-Kage, I only have 12 chakra left for my summon, which one should I buy?

and for my other team:
6. Should I really go with Kakuzu and Hidan for the Immunity or should I switch Kakuzu against someone else? (wanted the Combo Bonus; I am going to buy Hidan Kage btw)
7. Should I go LW hunting now as well, because I am stuck? Is it even better to do it now because I could have higher RYO gain because of Konohamaru Trio Abilities, etc.?
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