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I can't begin to tell you how much the new changes help out. All AA. is insanely helpful. I have AA on both my accounts so no big deal, but challenging someone else and not have to wait for them to notice and accept is huge for me.

As for the offline teams. BRILLIANT! I challenge online teams first but having the offline teams as a back up when everyone online is either pointless to challenge (0 exp) or I've already challenged them too many times (cause they were the only few online at 4 am lol). I'll take a 25% penalty over 0 exp or unused energy any day.

I would love to see these permanently implemented.

about challenging your own teams. I hate to see this become an issue. Occasionally when I'm pressed for time I'll just start clicking down the list top to bottom challenging all that is there and not even look at who it is. I would hate to get into trouble for challenging my alt accidentally.

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