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Originally Posted by Aenonar View Post
The task at hand is to do it and do it properly. Not discuss weather or not it needs it, for it does.
That being said I think further discussions should be based on immunity being nerfed at the same time in a quite large ninjamanager makeover? I think by assuming immunity/-immunity will get a dimminishing returns formula/soft cap we can get a constructive process started here.

If that is done I don't see why we couldn't introduce a similar system for cd at 100%. Since the immunity summons will get more and more useless the higher lvld they are I don't see the same problem with the crit summons anymore. In fact atk camping will get a decent advantage over other team types so that they can be balanced. Atk summons will be weaker in the beginning but stronger later in camping. Just some ideas from me, not 100% processed tho so pls don't bash me ;D

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