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Default buff of reroll so they can be competitive

as for now reroll "increase" average damage to opponents. it doesn't change maximum/minimum damage at all. i suggest to add a little something to what reroll do:
1) like with crit damage every point of reroll inc. nin by 1 so with increase of reroll you increase maximum damage as well (and every 40 points of reroll will inc min damage by 1).
2) every 20 points of reroll inc min damage from nin stat by 0.01 and every 10 points of reroll inc max damage by 0.01.
ex. with 0 reroll at 1 seal and 100 nin 0 tai (i know that at 1 seal you got 40 reroll but i'm simply explaining how it'll work) it's 2.5-97.5 damage with 20 reroll it's 3.5-99.5 with 100 rerol it's 7.5-107.5 and so on.

first is easier to make but i like second way more. and with implementing any of this ls teams will get a little buff so there will be fewer talks about hs being op.
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