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All of the whines!
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xD If I reeeeally have to pick from those...~ Obata.

To name others who aren't in the list: Arina Tanemura (Fullmoon wo Sagashite for example), Kouga Yun (Loveless), Toboso Yana (Kuroshitsuji)... Fukushima Haruka (Cherry Juice).

o_o I know, traditional shoujo artist style.. x'] I'm actually picky about it.~

As for Kishimoto, Kubo, Oda and co. .... Eeeeeh~ Ugly. :'I Cannot stand Akira Toriyama's style, or else I'd possibly try Blue Dragon or Dragon Quest series.

You really need to add Eiichiro Oda to the list :o
Thanks for reminding me, forgot the name of One Piece's artist. o':

Btw, isn't it Tite Kubo..?

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