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Hahaha xero you're a boss :D The limiting part had me rofling :D I think I'll take the last two and mash 'em together :D

I definitely have to read your stories, since the concept sounds really awesome.

Thanks for all the ideas. I think I'll make the powers strong, but also make fitting penalties like you said, the passives and enchantments are just there and don't ''cost'' you anything, but to use something stronger (acitve) takes a lot of your energy, ect.

Maybe I simplyfied it too much when I said the story is just about people with swords and magic powers :D It's basically any kinds of weapons fitting the middle ages (swords, bows, crossbows, axes, throwing knives, ect.).

It's a world that used to be filled with magic, people were born with it, they were called Mages and it allowed them to bend the laws of nature, but for over a century there hasn't been any new mages and the world forgot about magic. But after a cultist unleashes an evil force, that has been sealed away for ages (the queen of serpents) the magic slowly starts returning into the world - a young blacksmith who's friends, family and village get destroyed by the monster and it's minions, awakens the ancient force (he went kyuubi mode on them :D) and had a badass ice aura, but was still fighting with a longsword, against one of the liutenants who had mild mind control and time slowing powers but only one arm XD so she was nerfed). These are the only powers I revealed so far, so nothing is decided yet. But before the story can progress further and I add any new characters I need to get this whole issue sorted out :D

BTW: Yes the both of you helped me quite a bit ty :D

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