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Yep, Giant ox converts 1.5 tai/nin attack into 1.5 attack, plus 3 more attack. Gobi gives 3.25 tai/nin attack for 1 less halved chakra, but plain attack can't be countered.. So, decent trade really

And Ibuse will win against Katsuyuu on average, but it's lacking the offensive force of immunity against any other team... According to calculations it will on average be beaten even by SD which is mainly a WM summon.. So.. Yeah...

giant crustacean gets 1 less attack than gobi but 2% ryo gain, is also 1 chakra less and can be recruited 1 country earlier unless you beat gobi with naruto team... It just might need to lose another 0.5 tai... Maybe..

As for Giant panda.. I'm actually surprised at how underpowered it is, it's actually barely better than nibi despite being 4 halved chakra more :> So far I haven't found any LS nin setup that gets overpowered or substantially better than nibi when picking it, so buffing the nin to 3.5 would be ok and safe to further differentiate them. It's not until around lvl 25-30 that the endurance levels really start to do it's trick on the LS nin teams compared to what it does to HS..

You could even buff the nin to 4, because due to chakra limitations you tend to lose a couple of levels, especially on impossible. To then make the panda worth the effort you basically have to compare a lvl 18/19 panda to a 21 nibi, and with the current numbers they are pretty much equal at those levels not making it worth it. Even 3.5 nin didn't really make it worth it either. Buffing to 4 nin seem to be better than buffing endurance to 2 even if you reduce nin to 3, or maybe nin would have to stay at 3.5 then just to make it worth it..

Rawr. Me smash you die.

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