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The team looks decent but I have a few suggestions.

Your genin look fine, just a standard setup.

For your jounin, Roshi has a low seal but also has high taijutsu growth which will lead to more balanced attacks. So even though he might be a one seal at lvl 10 he would have at least 91 tai, 75 nin and be hitting for 45 attack + (1 - 37), Or 46 - 82 attack. If thats what you want from a one seal, thats fine, I would rather pick someone like Deidara who is a true low seal nin or zabuza who is the same.

For Nagato I doubt you will get down to one seal as he starts at 10 and I always take the wost roll onto account so that would be 12. 12 seal would require 44 levels to bring down to 1 seal and would be painful near the start as you would be getting very little reroll and %crit chance, but manageable.

I would suggest a kage before akatsuki temple and as early as possible. Chiyo is a great choice and you can bulk up your jounin a bit more if you choose her but I would start in the hidden sand at that point. Her abilities are the highest for AV in the game and she can be unlocked earlier and trained further.

Gobi is great as summon for medium.

My suggestion would be:

TM (Hidden sand starter) - 8 chakra
FNG Zaku - 10 chakra
FNG Yota - 10 chakra

Deidara - 18 chakra
Chojuro - 23 chakra

Chiyo - 28 chakra

Gobi - 15 chakra


I would give you other options but I don't know what team type you want to build. By the looks of it, it's a hybrid, but I wanted to know what you wanted specifically and go from there.

2 Great and very helpful guides if you haven't found them already:
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