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Base stats for Summons would surely let people think about not taking a temp summon twice ^^ . Not really sure about this, would be very helpfull on runs to just have increased overall stats on your ninjas ( since summon does give stats to everyone ), I guess this depends heavily on the sort of stats that are supposed to be base stats. Like if there was base immunity stats, that would be pretty crazy for campers I think, for progressive stats I can see this working, but I dont find it nessesary to be honest.

After all, with this example, a Gamakichi buy would be equal to 6 x 50 ryo ab for example ( they are usally giving 5 or 5,5 attack AV ) and gamakichi costs ? 40 ryo ? I know these are the numbers from current NM and all, and that number was just an example, but I fear base stats would be pretty strong and speeding things up a lot ( if they are are rather high) or they will not make much of an impression, if you have like base stats equal to one Level up at most ( because anything else is pretty much already, I think ). I'd just leave the summons as is, just let them lvl up a little faster, hehe

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