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Crit Camper Teams
all Low Seal Ninjas, got a crit chance based on they seal from 1-9. and they also got a crit dmg 25% no matter which seal it is *1-9* [if more, then no crit]
when a lucky Low sealler ninja, scores a crit , then his taijutsu increases by 25% example Rock lee that has 1000 tai. scores a crit, then his tai is 1250.
so by using. Summons that would increase your Crit Chance and Crit Dmg %, you could hit way more.. if we now said the same rock with with 1000 tai.. and 50% crit dmg, then it would have 1500 tai if it scored a critical dmg.

You Seriusly Hate low seallers? and prefer High Seallers? and you just love this crit stuff? don't worry, there are summons that also gives Crit Chance, therefor HS teams can also get effected by crit

those camper teams are very new to the game and they should have a really good Dmg Scale, and easily kill those manda teams.
Example of Teams [Prefer to see this one]


As Said Eairlier i am not DONE editing, i will post pictures and make it easier to read etc. So hang on!

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