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Originally Posted by Hisoka View Post
Hi Kanclers,
1. Your team actually good, but it would be better if you are using another summon, and can I get the Order Seal, from genins to kage? It's for managing the LWs efficiency as well as answer your question number 2.
3. It's good LW for HS, especially if your FNJ/FNK is Polar type, on taijutsu, at least 7 3, best 9 1. But since your FNJ and FNK is on heavy nin and balance tai/nin, it would be better if you put it in on your most heavy tai, which is your FNG, again, I need the order seal from genins to kage to maximize the setup. :)
Hello Hisoka, srry for late answer, but better late than never...:)


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