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Originally Posted by CFraychineaud View Post
Spar- That argument doesn't make sense, Katsuya is an end game summon that was used for progression because of a lack of other better options. Both Nibi and Gobi are almost exclusively for progression.
uhh, no kidding, now when would you like to talk about game balance?

Please reread my last post, and think about what's wrong with it regarding progression once you remove the notion about whether or not it was designed for BA or WM from the picture.

I'm done posting on this subject, as with most topics, either people get it, or they don't. I'm just hoping udon doesn't have this much trouble looking at the big overall picture, and what has clearly and obviously happened when comparing the timeframe of when the game started up until the introduction of the seal changes, and how the game has changed after.

I'm wasting too much time trying to convince people who have trouble looking at the larger picture which unfortunately, always seems to come from the group who claimed that they thrive on the pursuit of understanding "game mechanics" ironically. If you compare the steady, logical progression of the game prior to the updates to what it's become now, you'd be nuts to say that things are less broken now than before. You've been around long enough that you should be able to grasp the difference, but I guess not.

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