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Originally Posted by Sparhawk View Post
So no one sees a problem with this? Really? Need to stop comparing Nibi vs Gobi, and compare it across the spectrum back when things were semi-balanced.

Kat lvl 25 (Red fox requirement - 32 chakra - Available earliest after Karakura Castle)
low: 3,161%
high: 1,714%

Nibi lvl 22: 4,496% (Silver - 24 chakra - Available earliest after 3rd Akatsuki Country)
Gobi lvl 22: 5,772% (Gold - 30 chakra - Available earliest after 4th Akatsuki Country)

Between these new summons and their low chakra cost, and quick access, along with the introduction of endurance and new powerful LWs, impossible mode has become somewhat of a joke to be honest.
You REALLY consider needing 3 more levels on a MUCH later to get summon to be balanced? Son, I'm disappoint... Plus as already stated like 100 times, it doesn't matter when Low seals get 4.5%, what matters is when they get 1%, that is the actual lowest level to clear the game (unless you are REALLY lucky).

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