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Szilu: Gobi SHOULD suck at baiting, but I remember Killer Smiles gobi leveling like mad until like lvl 21 on extreme mode. I just barely finished before him (started 1 month earlier I think) and my Shichibi was lvl 26 by that time. Don't know if he's a good baiter/chat-exchanger, but it's not impossible at all to level Gobi on BA.

I think part of the problem lies in how far you can level your ninjas until your summon hits 20. If your ninjas are lvl 40 when your summon (Gobi, Nibi, whatever) is 20, then Gobi will just beat the crap out of everything. The FNK on impossible works like a mini-summon itself because it's so powerful, so if you can level it fast enough and reach lvl 50+ before your summon is 20 (while your other ninjas can still be 45 ish), then Gobi isn't really superior. But I seriously doubt the Gobi will only be lvl 20 by that time.

Large part lies in the Aka LWs too ;( I want to reduce drop to 0,03. Maybe further reduce drop chance to 0,02 for impossible teams...?

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