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Manda was keeping up, and hybrids/high seal naturally took just a little bit longer than low seals.
I have not seen any evidence that Manda was keeping up so you'll have to provide some before I can believe you.

If you consider "fast progression" to be only the desire to frontrun, then yeah, the reroll teams were the only truly viable solution, but for the majority of teams out there, the difference in team types were not that drastic
First of all progression is about speed, there are few people progressing right now (or before) who doesn't want to get there as soon as possible. Secondly, there was a drastic difference between team types, which is very easy to prove with the simulator by taking off high seal's endurance bonus and using a katsuyu. Once again, if you want me to believe the difference was small you'll have to show me evidence.

Gobi SHOULD suck at baiting, but I remember Killer Smiles gobi leveling like mad until like lvl 21 on extreme mode. I just barely finished before him (started 1 month earlier I think) and my Shichibi was lvl 26 by that time. Don't know if he's a good baiter/chat-exchanger, but it's not impossible at all to level Gobi on BA.
You're applying extreme mode results to impossible. There are two very simple reasons why Gobi outdid Shichibi for your team. 1) Shichibi was designed for low seal, hybrid damage, as I recall you had only two true hybrid damage ninja. (mixing pure tai and pure nin does not give you the same results as having true hybrid tai/nin) The result would have been very different had you had a full team (of course you have to put more into the game first). You probably would have had better results with SD given that particular team. 2) Shichibi was balanced for impossible, like all summons with endurance bonus they do progressively worse going down in difficulty. Gobi, as a pure damage type, has the exact opposite behavior, it does progressively worse going up in difficulty. The cross-over happens in extreme.

If you do some sims, you'll see that Gobi fails pretty hard in impossible compare to Shichibi, especially with hybrid damage ninja like Rikudou.

As for Killer Smile, that's antony's team, the co-clan leader of BW. He's the farthest along of all BW players, why wouldn't we support him within the rules of the game. I doubt it would have made much difference whether his summon was Gobi, Nibi, or Shichibi.

You are going to screw up a lot of things really fast if you nerf Gobi now, so the least you can do is check all the facts and make sure things actually work the way people claim they do before you do anything drastic.
Down with Aenonar the tyrant!

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