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Originally Posted by Isaac0 View Post
We.... We've claimed that many girls? holy shit.

I have 29 pictures, 4 girls each. Yup. 116 checks out. I might start fusing my pictures more if need be.

I'm currently at 1250 characters.

Went through everyone's characters (this includes [IMG][/IMG]):

Carlimas: 3000 (started late)
Aeno: 126 (He was at 5004 in the January 2016 Thread, Great Cleanup)
Moon: 3952 (4 girls per link, but the links are pretty long)
Myself: 1250 (was the lowest of the vet's before Aeno fixed it)
Shy: 1604 (Actually good job Shy :) )
Xero: 6196 (Literally the worst offender)
Mit: 5090 (would be on par with xero if not for being AFK a fair bit)
Dragon: 1687 (AFK's alot, plus k-on picture covers alor of girls)
Eugen: Literally nothing
XaC0R: 177 (literally just started)

Harem Log: 16 238

Woopsie. Ok I promise to sort it out later today

EDIT: halfway done... will continue tomorrow for sure.

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