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Default Event starts today! 18 new FNJs! New Hard LWs!

The 9th Revival Hard Event starts today!

We have added 18 brand new Forbidden Jounins that will be available in this event, and also available to the regular server after the event has ended. So complete the event to get your hands on one early. Big thanks to Chiyo and all ninja creators over at the FN suggestion thread for these ninjas! These FNJs are not on the world map, they are instead acquired by first defeating 5 other FNJs.

Along with it, 10 new Legendary Weapons have been added. They can be found on hard mode (even outside the event) and are also in the prize pool for 11th to 20th place finishers. Big thanks to Drag0nf0rce and his comrades over at the LW suggestion thread for these LWs!

Place 1 to 10th is of course a custom made LW, and places 11th to 20th get to choose any of the following new Hard mode LWs:

The new LW's;

Anbu Mask (Karakura Castle: Special Forces)
Megingjoro (Bijuu Island: Reibi, 1st)
Sudarshana Chakra (Bijuu Island: Ichibi, 1st)
Tonbogiri (Bijuu Island: Nibi, 1st)
Otegine (Bijuu Island: Sanbi, 1st)
Colada (Bijuu Island: Yonbi, 1st)
Force Edge (Bijuu Island: Gobi, 1st)
Apollo's Bow (Bijuu Island: Rokubi, 1st)
Keyblade (Bijuu Island: Shichibi, 1st)
Aquarius (Bijuu Island: Hachibi, 1st)

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