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Information on Low Seal Taijutsu

Many people think that a ninja has to have a very low seal and have a high taijutsu growth. Low Seal Taijutsu is actually considered as any ninja who below seal 10 that has more of a Taijutsu growth than it does Ninjutsu. You can also make a high seal taijutsu ninja into a low seal taijutsu ninja but that takes more levels than normal meaning it’s easier accomplished on higher difficulties.

Low Seal Taijutsu teams are pretty decent. They aren't as consistent as high seal teams but also aren’t as inconsistent as low seal ninjutsu teams. The secret to low seal taijutsu teams is that you have to get as much taijutsu as possible (obviously) in order to be somewhat consistent. The more ninjutsu a low seal ninja has, the more inconsistent it becomes without reroll. This type of team also thrives on critical damage. At this point you should be asking yourself something along the lines of “What is critical damage?” Critical damage is a bonus to the damage you deal when you roll a critical hit. I’ll show you an example: A ninja with 100 taijutsu and 50% critical damage will have 150 taijutsu when they roll a critical hit, thus doing about 75 damage instead of 50 without the critical damage percentage.

Progression is a slight problem with a low seal taijutsu team. It will take you a little longer than most other set ups but the end game will be the same. You’ll have a few more levels than usual but you will beat the fox regardless. For a low seal taijutsu team, your progression not only depends on the summon that you choose but also the amount/growth of your ninjas taijutsu.


There were a bunch of people involved with the fine tuning of this guide. I would like to thank the following for their contributions:


This guide wouldn't have been as easy as it was without your help. Thanks! :D

Low Seal Taijutsu Guide

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