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Originally Posted by udon View Post
I think the LW's will be... Dark Saber, and Chaos Blade sounds fine too! I will throw in a Rune Staff too I think, for the +50 ele adv/res.
Oh I thought we are going to get TE and Hexa again lol, but yeah it's nice to have some stronger stuff.

Big yes for Chaos. That is like a must-get for Hard and Extreme runs.
Dark Saber is nice, but giving it at start may appear biased towards LS (LS Tai in particular) players, who can obviously benefit more from that LW than HS players.
Rune Staff sounds great for less frustration in early progression. But Anbu's suggestion of Atomos, which has great Ele. Adv. in addition to some attack and IF, may be more welcomed.

Instead of Dark Saber I would suggest Tonbogiri for not being biased, easy-to-get (no big deal to give it for free) and an attractive amount of raw attack, like an upgrade from TE.
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