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Ok after all of you have given me advice, this is what I came up with:

Each character doesn't have the magic powers, but those who do have it (mages) can use some minor spells, like minor healing or enchantments, but every one of them is born with a natural prefference for a specific type of magic, as in time manipulating powers in the case of one of the Liutenants, or ice magic in the case of my main character.

The minor spells will cost them nothing, but the bigger the spell the more energy/stamina it will take for the character to use and or maintain it. Also their emotions play a role in how strong the spell becomes (i.e. if the char. is really mad then it will be harder to controll their spell, but it would become stronger than normally).

The powers will vary from elemental powers, to powers like shapeshifting or self-augmentation, controlling shadows, fear, ect. so not just limited to elements, since there really aren't that many elements :D

So yeah this is basically what i decided it to be :D thank you all for contributing and helping :D
And drag0n, don't worry about it being late, better late than never ^,^
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