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I don't remember if I suggested this already or not, but I think that it would be cool to have some sort of items/ninjas presets that you can create, for example, when you o into the "My team" tab, there would be a drop-down list with all the presets, that you could create/delete/rename, and you could simply select the one you need, and all the ninjas/items would change. The second thing I'd like to see would be a new chat, something that would be linked with the game, so that when you create an account, you'd get an chat account as well, and in the chat account description, it could show if you're in a clan, what's your teams and stuff like that. Also, as far as I remember, there will not be anything special for those who played nm1, right? That's sad, I'd like to get something like custom FNG (picture/abilities names (or even the abilities itself)), just so that I could feel special, and wouldn't think about suicide so often. ok bye. Also, I'd like to participate in the beta.
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