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I'll most likely have a day or two with a few selected members/mods try out and report directly to me if it works or if there are any major bugs that would stop people from testing/playing.

After that I think i'll just post a link here in the forums, and if things work fine I'll post a news post on NM.

Things are progressing fine, I just can't stop adding bonus areas... haha...

Just finished up adding 70+ summons with stats. It's a bit of guessing work there, so we'll see how they turn out.

Also added a Friends list so you can add and keep track of them easily.

I think the Genjutsu mechanic can be interesting. It'll definitely be hard to balance, but it's a cool way to make expecially combos more exciting. There can for example be;
* 50% chance of adding +10 element when facing an opponent of counter-element.
* 10% chance of adding +10 ninjutsu when successfully triggering a reroll.

I also added Health Bar Missions pretty much a few days ago. I hadn't thought about it previously, but it'll be very useful for some areas I had planned. A few areas will be permanent, which means your progress will not be reseted on those mission when you start over. Probably just very hard bonus dungeons. Anyway, something was missing, so I thought about the HP Mission, which essentially means a boss there could have 1,000,000 HP. You fight once, and take off like 3,000 HP. Now it has 997,000 HP left :) When you reset, you would continue where you left off at 997,000. The rewards would of course be huge. Maybe a guaranteed LW or unlocking a cool animated card.

I want to add some kind of gratitude item to old NM players, it's just a bit of a hassle verifying that or giving out some kind of code etc. If I get past that, I figure a good reward would be some kind of item that scales with how many difficulties you've reach on original NM. Maybe it gives EXP gain or something not overly game changing.

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