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  1. Stats, combos, etc will most likely be revised depending on the results. If the ninjas in question tend to be seen as a team, e.g. Ginkaku and Kinkaku, then I may be able to convince Udon to add them together. This vote is about which ninjas you want, so try to avoid considering their potential combos.
  2. I haven't decided when it will end. I will let you know when I decide on a suitable deadline.
  3. Udon will decide what will be added.
  4. I don't know and neither does Udon He doesn't have much free time so he has just asked us to get these things ready for whenever he has the time. As for card voting, FNG will begin on the 18th with FNK and normal ninjas following sometime after.
  5. Testing needs to be done. I'll do that later... You're welcome to help. I have asked Udon to implement them outside of an event, just in case they screw things up.

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