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Originally Posted by XaK0R View Post
just where do you get these awesome quality pictures from , master of editing so neatly lined up

^ I get most of my pictures from Danbooru (warning: alot of NSFW stuff mixed with the good art), if i can't find something i like I just google images. But i use the Search tools to get higher resolution pictures, (tend to go with Larger and Full color, as you can see in the picture i have up).

As for lining things up, the first time i did these i set up those lines you see then i just drag the picture i want to use, put it in 1 of 4 slots in it's own layer, rotate/resize/whatever else and proceed to cut along the lines i have pre-setup. the slots are 160x300, coming to 640x300 at the end, which is slightly less than the default width that the forums have, so when you open my spoiler tag they don't extend your page either :D.

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