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Mukade Robot

Unlock Conditions: Beat the mission / Bingo Book

32 / 34 Chakra

Buki 5 + 3
Bukirecovery 10 + 2
Reroll 5 + 3

When to use / my ideas , reasoning: for LS Nin Buki Teams, Ninjas like Tenten, Haku, Satori start with rather low seals and could make some use of the Reroll. Furthermore, LS gets the Buki boost whereas recovery maxes out at one point, so LS on Buki teams has it's own advantages. Could be a thing for later difficulties where you cant spent that much Chakra and take a rather low Cost one. Could see Bukirecovery as 6 + 3 as well or something like that, as +2 would really need a very high leveled summon after all.

Puppets from Sand Village missions, there are 4 of them in Total, id like something for the last one.

Hundred Puppet Army

Unlocks: Beat the Village mission

60 Chakra

Buki 10 + 6
Bukiboost 15 + 0
Stamina 3 + 3

When to use / my ideas , reasoning: Intended for Camping with missslotts. I dont see much use for Buki Recovery on Buki Camp Teams, but I respect giving Bukiboost a growth would probably be too unbalanced, which is why I gave it a somewhat good base instead.
Could this summon be abused for progression ? I personally don't think its worth as a progressive summon for Buki teams. Without Buki Recovery its just too unattractive to use to only have 3 strong hits and then run out of gas.

I heart there wont be some 100 Puppet thing, so maybe this could also be some other Summon, maybe even one of those Gedo Mazou statues, though i rather associate them with some Ninjutsu / Genjutsu stuff, since they kinda absorbed the Chakra from the Jinchurikis.

Experimental Snake

1000 gold
46 c
10 REROLL +7, 10 END +3
I like the idea for the Snake as massive reroll summon in general, I just aint sure about its purpose. Everyone with massive amounts of Ninjutsu likes to have reroll, sure, but this one relies on extreme ninjutsu growth. I think at some point further Ninjutsu instead of further Reroll is a lot more efficient, thats why i would probably suggest some change like this ?

1000 gold
46 c
10 REROLL +6, 10 END +3, 5 NINJUTSU + 1

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