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Tai + Buki Summon

Unlock Conditions: ???

Chakra:20 probably ?

Taijutsu 5 + 4
Critical Damage 4 + 2
Bukirecovery 6 + 3


Taijutsu 5 + 4
Critical Damage 4 + 2
Buki 3 + 3

When to use / my ideas , reasoning: for LS Tai Buki Teams, Ninjas like Killer Bee, A, Blue B or other cloud ninjas like Yuugito come to mind. There are quite a few who are strong in both Taijutsu and Buki, but they lack a summon yet that combines both of these attributes. I think it is important to have Taijutsu as a stat for sure, but I aint quite sure for what else is most important here. I think LS Tai teams DO rely on the crits rather than the Buki, Buki serves more as a sort of tool to overgo missions like lesser Kyuubi or Anbu Hideout on these teams probably. Maybe also the fact that they get some bonus for when they dont crit. So i think Taijutsu and Critical Damage are must have attributes, as for the last i would think that pure Buki would help more than Bukirecovery in their case, as it actually increases the damage output more than Bukirecovery and thats what Crit teams are about I'd say. Most of the ninjas suited for this kind of team / summon have Bukirecovery on their abilities as well. This whole disscussion is based on my assumption, that no more than 3 attributes are placed on each summon, since that is the case at the moment.

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