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Default Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a great 2012!

In 2013, expect even more ninjas and fun stuff in NinjaManager! Here are two small fixes to start things off:

Team Naruto
Last mission in Karakura Castle with Team Naruto has finally been fixed to scale with Team Naruto difficulty. That means that mission is much easier now.

Summon exp
You no longer receive +1 exp for your summon if you defeat a team that is more than 2 ranks below you. This is to prevent players from cheating/boosting team with low rank throwaway accounts. Players have been banned for this before, and will continue to be, but this change will at least make things much more bothersome for boosting players.

1) You are a Red Fox rank team. You defeat a Silver rank team. You gain +1 summon exp. You defeat a Bronze rank team. You gain no summon exp.
2) You are a Silver rank team or lower. You get +1 summon exp against all teams.

Voting for new ninjas
Check out the forum topic where you can vote for new upcoming regular ninjas!

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