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Default Combo Working with Transmigrated Starters ?

I just looked up something concerning some combos in the game guide.

It's about the "Cursed Jiroubou/Tayuya/Kidoumaru/Sakon" Combo.

In the combo section, there are just the pictures of the non transmigrated states of the genins. Thus one could assume after transmigrating your starter, the combo does not work anymore.

However when i looked in the "Transmigrated Ninjas " section under the Transmigrated Neo Sound Starters it has the combo still there. So you can't go for the "Sound 4" combo after you transmigrated your starter genin, but what about the "Cursed Tayuya" combo (assuming you started with tayuya)? Does it still work, even after you transmigrated her ?

Same thing with the child - parent Combos from Shino and his dad and so on.
If they work it might be a good thing to update the game guide combo section with the given pictures imo.
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