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Well i'll post here instead of posting a PM.

Magic works in several ways IMO.
First of all you gotta think what type of energy it uses.
Does the energy come from the user or something else? Like the surroundings or an enchanted item.
Or if it uses energy at all (harry potter for instance).

Then there are multiple types of magic.
The most common being offensive magic where you put into attacks.
eg Elemental magic or making into an attack of sorts

Environmental magic where it alters your surroundings (That's what your char mainly used in my chapters Flash)
eg, making it colder so your opponents feel colder and cannot fight as effectively

Buffing, where your magic enhances the abilitys of yourself or allies. or 'Nuking' which is decreasing the abilitys of others.
Eg, increase your own speed to superhuman levels whilst lowering the enemies so they move more sluggishly.

If you're going to be using elemental powers i would make it so it takes a heavy toll on the users stamina, thus the more they use it the more fatigued they would become.
The bigger the spell the more energy used, simple as.

If you are going to be using elemental powers, what elements are there going to be?
Are you going to use the same ones as in naruto, or use different ones. Less or more of them as well.
Some people class Light and Dark as elements. And whilst Wood magic is a combo magic in Naruto, it can easily be a base one as some cultures class wood as an element.

:3 sorry i didn't reply to the PM straight away, i was busy :3

Oh yeah if you read my first attempt of writing (Darts' Conquest) you'll see that magic users have a 'tattoo' which holds a certain amount of energy within it.
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