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Just like Izzy said, enchanting is a way to go.
Passives are another method, something like bonus magical effects after performing a combo or something.
It can also be magic to disable stuff from the enemy or lower his strengths.
Or simply rare releases of magic powers where the universe is turned into ashes.

One other method would be an eye power, something that could be magic if you set the rules to make it activated by spell or drain magic resources. Eyes that further enlarge the ways and methods of fighting.

I do not know if you've read my "Warlord's Quests", but my main character has such an eye power that allows her to stop/nullify/interrupt magic by severing connections between the user and the spell. She relies on pure strength/sword fighting mostly, and if you even dare use magic against her, she'll just slice through any spell. An Anti-Mage type of sword fighter.

Let's see, another type of magic used by sword fighters could be something to put them in a strategical advantage, such as, create an entity of magic to scout for you in a small area or do something else entirely that doesn't affect the enemy directly, but gives you an advantage.

I also mentioned bursts of energy. Magic release for a powerful blow, you know, that kind of stuff.

Other magic used by sword fighters could be healing magic.

The most op type of magic would be altering the battlefield in your advantage.
You can visit the Fate franchise on this and read about reality marbles.

Elemental magic is the most basic, but often most effective. Fire for example.
It can be fire based magic, fire enchanting on the sword, fire shield of magic etc. Many ways to go around it.

Limiting can be done by making the magic require some kind of the users energy, like as a downside, after using it too much you get tired/ bleed/ puke rainbows/ become hideyoshi etc.

There are many, many things I am missing ATM, but hope that helps.

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