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Default What pissed you off today?

So.... 3 weeks ago I decided to buy a cap that I could use when shooting because the son is so damn low during this time of year.. Went through a couple of clothing stores but all they had were fugly designer caps and I just don't buy that crap. So I went online and bought a black swedish army cap because I know it looks ok plus I know it fits, as well some new black army pants, since they also look good, are very practical plus never fail, and has exactly the same size every time. Also ordered some rain pants just in case I have to be out all day in the rain again, more rain proof than the army pants alone...

So, I ordered those on Monday 3 weeks ago, hoping to maybe get it before the weekend for the IPSC examination. On Thursday I had a missed call from them in the morning, but I noticed it too late to do anything about it.. Plus it would just be a hassle to call back anyways... Late on Friday afternoon I got an email from them saying that the rain pants were completely out of stock and backordered on the supplier. Late on Friday.. Great.. So even if I had replied straight away there's no way the mail service would get it in time to transport it during the weekend which they often do on orders coming in early on Fridays.

So on the next Monday I get a reply that they've acknowledged my cancellation of the rain pants and will ship the rest right away.

Time passes and 2 weeks later, last Wednesday morning I sent an email wondering wth is going on and why I haven't been refunded for the rain pants even.. In the afternoon I yet again got a call from them, but I was down in my workshop so I missed it yet again :| On Friday afternoon I got a reply saying they would send the package right away... Right... No apology for their obvious fubar or anything...

Yesterday on Monday I finally got an SMS saying the package had been delivered to the dropoff point. Not the normal one 200 meters away though.. A different one ~1.5 km away.. Great...

So today I decided to take my bicycle and get some exercise which getting the package rather than taking the bus and paying ~2.5, fuck that.

Pretty nice day, bit low on air in the tires but it was ok.. Picked up the package, helped an old lady open the door and noticed that she was struggling down the stairs and her walker was parked behind a bike some distance away from the stairs handrail, so I brought it up to her and she was so thankful and happy that someone helped an old lady \o/

Then I took out my bike, strapped on the package and was just going to mount up, but a wet autumn leaf had planted itself under my left shoe so I slipped off the pedals and crashed straight over the bike.. Twisting the front wheel 90 degrees from the handle as well and mangling the mud guard along with bending the support struts for it... Fucking piece of shit. >.<

Took me like 3 minutes to bend it all back into shape.. Doesn't look like anything was actually damaged, just some simple bending and twisting and it looked ok.. Haven't done a full damage check on it but it kinda sucks either way since I got the bike brand new back in June <.<

So, as thanks for taking the bike to get some exercise as well as helping an old lady I was rewarded with a limp on my right leg plus a messed up barely used bicycle. Fuck you world. <.<

Rawr. Me smash you die.
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