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Originally Posted by Gypsy555 View Post
and im also seeing people with multiple hundred and their main and their event team i just dont get it, but anyway is there no way the ladder can be redone i mean i have a team with like lvl 25 members and i have to fight people with lvl 60-150 its rediculous can it not match people by level range instead of rank which is higher than it should be anyway i been purple rank for a while and i just now hit red on story
Stop winning so many ladder rewards so often and you will not rank up in Akatsuki Ladder

just curious does this game check for cheaters on the ladder matches? i see people doing hundreds upon hundreds of matches and i will call them out and say they are cheating, nobody is that desperate to sit and do 400 matches im jsut tired of not being able to win any rewards because people who are probably not even putting any work into their fights... or does this game condone cheating?
I've laddered to nearly 1000 matches during events, anime in one window ladder in the other, Darkside Xat in a 3rd < Found this in Purple Fox Ladder
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