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01. Berserk - Seinen with loads of gore and rape.
02. Onani master Kurosawa - Psychological Seinen.
03. Genshiken - Slice of life Seinen about nerds beeing neerds.
04. Full Metal Panic! Sigma - Mecha shounen(?). Loads of more story!
05. My Girl - Seinen, like a darker Usagi drop.
06. Karin - Light hearted romcom shounen manga with vampires and shit.
07. Hoshi no Samidare - Seinen about destroying the world.
08. Fullmetal Alchemist - The best fighting shounen out there by far.
09. Shin Angyo Onshi - Seinen Manwha. Berserk with guns and less rape.
10. Monster - Thriller seinen, to bad it ended kind of lame.
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