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Originally Posted by drag0nf0rce View Post
I could figure out by the last sentance-.-
Only one (now two) man (men) talk about cookies and tea
I figured it out with the Title.

Also Ampon had Mentioned it real quick in the thread. When I saw Brother I was like. yaaaaa.

Originally Posted by ampon View Post
Well my onii chan should be joining after his account activates because he wants more imagination so is that ok? Oh and he doesn't play NM but he's the one who help me with my team when I'm stuck. And you don't have to worry he's not childish like me. His Username is Guard Shield, or something like that.
Found it~ .

So According to Ampon you plan on joining FORCE. If this is true, feel free to post about it here: . If not its cool aswell.

Also I see you guys both took a liking to Ao no Exorcist?

"Even if we forget the faces of our friends we will never forget the bonds that were carved into our souls"

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