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Originally Posted by Aenonar View Post
Well... Just randomly picking off teams won't really do much, as someone has to actually see the team online as well as report it, then some poor mod (Udon, Minaro, Dist) has to go in and hit them with the hammer...

The only way to fully clear them out would be to go through the entire list of 62000+ teams, which can either be gotten by entering the database, or copying the teams one by one... This is doable, but if you take one per second it would put 62000 page loads of strain on the server over 16 hours.. Not good.. But if you increased it to 10 seconds, it would take 7 days, and still put quite a strain on the servers.. So the database is the only decent way..

And well, when will anything even be done about the teams that get's reported? It's been almost a month now since the names were officially forbidden

btw, I copied the first 100 teams, and found 4 obvious bad names... Even if it's only 4/100, it's still 2480 bad names.. But I'm guessing there are more than that.. So my list on page 1 with ~100 names it just the tip of the iceberg..

What's the plan? :s If it keeps dragging out, or without any harsher punishment like Minaro said, people will just think it was a big joke
I've personally stopped changing team names for a while.. Both because I've been very busy, and as I personally don't see the reason too unless anyone who have their team name changed (due to breaking the rules) receive punishment of some kind. Once penalization is approved and ready, I'll really start allocating time towards changing team names.

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