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Issue #50
Naruto (2 chapters 699 Lead CP, 700 full color, 44p)


Tbh,gotta admit, I became one of those irritated, not-dropping-it-just-to-see-it-end people who started to dislike the course Naruto was taking quite a while ago... when it turned into some kind of a big d contest, like "who's got the most kickass destructive jutsu?" or "whose unlimited chakra is more... unlimited?"

Well, I still think your power balance is flawed when one single person is able not only to take on the current generation, but also the heavyweights of the previous generations all at the same time...Still, if those last 2 chapters are as good as ch698... then I might actually turn a blind eye to all that and Naruto could still become one of those nostalgic mangas I grew up with, and settle itself somewhere deep down in my heart, next to the likes of dbz, yu yu hakusho and such ^^

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