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You're missing my point.... What I was saying was that for those who have completed all the difficulties and have access to all the LWs can make an invulnerable ninja. While Sparhawk is a ridiculously high level, he cannot have 100% taijitsu immunity on Hidan. He may be able to get 80-90%, but what I was saying is imagine a level 100+ Hidan that has 100% immunity to both damage types. The only way to harm them would be to have +Attack or -Immunity. However, Hidan is no scrub. He does have a combined 8.2 tai/nin growth, and Katsuyu gives 5 nin per level. So trying to outdamage Hidan, even with -immunity/attack just isn't possible and therefore you have a single ninja able to beat an entire level 100 team, with no possibility of losing to anything.

Edit: While nobody has done it yet, it is simply because their summon is not high level enough. However, the team I previously linked had a level 42 summon, so only 40 more grueling levels to go till he is unbeatable. While it takes a long time for this to happen, the fact that it can is hardly fair since any other team of equal level, with an equal picking of LWs, has no chance of winning.

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