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Originally Posted by Bloodysky View Post
Until/unless a -immunity summon is released, there is no serious way to counter teams with that amount of immunity without doing the exact same thing, and either spend a ton of money to prem, or hope the top teams retire.

Even with the current -immunity LW, you can do what? subtract at absolute most 60%, while the +immunity basically has no cap on how high it can go due to summon and while Attack summons/weapons do counter immunity somewhat, because attack summon growth isn't as great as Kat+ninja level up growth, once a ninja approaches 100% immunity and other team must rely completely on LW and Summon, just can't match the damage from a high level immunity team. Sorry, thats just the reality.
I agree completely and this really should be dealt with.The way I see it there are two possible ways to balance this.

1. Introduce -enemy imminuty summon. Probably won't require too much coding. The big problem though is that it'd take years before these summons where of high enough lvl to counter the top immunity teams unless you give them too much power in which case they'll eventually overpower immunity summons completely leading to immunity teams becoming "useless". This could create something like the wheel of elements where the immunity campers would loose to their respective -immunity team but winn over the atk campers. The atk campers would likely winn over the -immunity teams. In a perfect world all possible camping teams should be of somewhat equal strength or atleast not be chanceless against a certain type of team. Crit teams would probably be about the same as atk campers but for them not to be too overpowering at high lvls a -tai immunity summon should be somewhat weaker than the ninjutsu version. The introduction of a -nin immunity summon would also make the ninjutsu camper with SD a more viable camping option than before

2. Cap immunity at say 100% or maybe more. This is the solution I like the most where the current structure of the game is preserved but we let the -immunity lws do their work. Depending on where the cap is placed it'd require more or less lvls for atk or crit campers to compete with immunity campers. Another version of this is changing how immunity works as Udon described in the first post where immunity would still be insane but requiere equally insane lvls too pwn as it does today.

I hope my points are somewhat clear as I'm quite tired as I'm writing this and excuse any spelling errors pls :)

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