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this is coming a little late but oh well,

Firstly idea of counter summons is ridiculous (imagine fighting each other with just shield). will just serve the same, not to mention -immunity summon will be crap against all other non-immunity builds.

Secondly the idea of 100% nin immunity cap wont stop the immunity users frm stacking more..... say you have -30 NI/TI LWs and the opponent stacks 130 NI/TI you still die :o

The new curve seems a nice idea.... many teams can keep track of the immunity of an opponent team and then decide LWs for their teams accordingly. Apart from that dare i suggest removal of immunity effect on crits? Honestly crits are supposed to be pure damage.... applying immunity on it makes it useless as an attacking factor imo (i dont really know how much OP will it make crits but surely it can effectively counter immunity)

that's my response (dun flame :P)

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