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Well I said nothing about putting Revive Armor for a tanker ;)

The double miss slot doesn't come into play until Kyuubi. Before then I only have to miss slot 1 genin because I can keep my starter J in the jounin slot. Then after hunting for LWs such as Vampire Claw I can move him into a tanking role.

Also... Level 20 Onoki has 138 attack and lv20 Nid has 127. Onoki however has low Stamina so I can see why I should use 3rd Raikage... I guess I will be using him on Extreme AND Impossible ;)

But as for your comment about tanking Kyuubi... isn't it the same issue with a LS-Nin team? You basically are counting on a perfect roll for their 2nd and 3rd hits.

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