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Originally Posted by kuuya03 View Post
Trying to cover up the crit nerf eh? Jk

Well,if ever people will post here they need to consider the rank the ninja will be available so that they won't go and make two ninjas equal in ck be equal in stat too.

though I agree with kakuzu needing a buff, this guy really needs it

TAI 33 +6.3
NIN 60+ 1.7
STA 22+1
RES 35+1.2
Seal 6

Average attack at 10 level intervals: 47 /83 /123 /163 /203 /243

Or just assume kakuzu's ck was just for variety and be

TAI 33 +6.0
NIN 60+ 1.8

Copy ninja
TAI 28 +2.4
NIN 82 +4.7

EDIT: and what dragon said :)
Added more to the list after updating the data on first page so perhaps it is time to have the World War here.

For Kakuzu I think we have to increase his base attack as he seems to be meant to be a "high base low growth" based on his inferior growth (this is further supported by the deliberate village placement where he is paired with Tobi, a "low base high growth" Jounin). His stamina and resistance, both base and growth, are great so his attack should be less than what we would expect from an average 56-ck.

Therefore I would like to suggest this:
TAI 45 + 5.8
NIN 68 + 1.6
STA 22 + 1
RES 35 + 1.2
Seal 6
which makes him 56.5+3.7

I like your Kakashi, seems balanced compared with Yugito.

Copy Ninja
TAI 28 + 2.4
NIN 82 + 4.7
STA 11 + 1.1
RES 26 + 0.7
Seal 5
which makes him 55+3.55

Be noted that these are preliminary ideas so they can be greatly changed according to YOUR feedback. Don't like them? Post here and let us know.

EDIT: Not enough blood in this WW so more proposals:

Origami Girl
TAI 33 + 2.9
NIN 52 + 4.6
STA 22 + 0.9
RES 28 + 1.1
Seal 14
which makes her 42.5+3.75

That would make her an alternative of Kabuto CM, with a bit less attack and a bit more Chakra but much better in Sta/Res.

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