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Originally Posted by kuuya03 View Post
no one will stop from buffing every akatsuki IMO lol. just don't let be Sasori = Pain :) and considering that sasori's abilities is more WM friendly than zetsu's 400, I think it should balance out.

a simple suggestion, increase haku's stam to 1.1
His base stamina is too high for that growth, and he hasn't shown anything that makes him join the league of A and Kisame to deserve high base high growth in stamina.

EDIT: Time to solo

Wolf Sister
TAI 29 + 2.5
NIN 15 + 2
STA 10 + 0.6
RES 8 + 0.5
Seal 10
which makes her 22+2.25

Cheapest Jounin, pretty good combo with one starter so made her a bit weaker than Yoroi.

TAI 29 + 1.7
NIN 35 + 3.4
STA 10 + 0.5
RES 10 + 0.8
Seal 5

She is the strongest attack-wise in her Chakra level, but even her starting Sta/Res is pathetic compared with them. Since I cannot afford giving her too much stamina growth to make her so good, I have to buff her res growth as well.

Hyuuga Dad
TAI 25 + 3.1
NIN 25 + 1.7
STA 20 + 0.2
RES 30 + 0.2
Seal 16
which makes him 25+2.4

His starting Sta/Res is insane but that is pretty much all he got. He is also unreasonably expensive so he deserves a bigger buff, maybe not big enough.

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