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Q: How can you earn Ryo for Naruto team?
A: You can:
i) Win sneak attacks on Naruto team
ii) Complete missions
iii) Donate from main team via Bijuu Shrine on Bijuu Island (available after obtaining the Crystal in the Second Akatsuki country)
iv) Sell items/abilities

Q: When can you change element without paying full cost?
A: You can change a ninja's element for 1 Ryo when you get one fresh. You can also do it before beating Water Country.

Q: Should I go LS or HS on the ninjas on Naruto team?/Should I get Haku or Rin?
A: Normally HS is better, so Rin is better.

Q: Help! My Naruto team is stuck...
A: You may consider the following options (which are in arbitrary order):
i) Change the order of your ninjas to avoid elemental disadvantage.
ii) Change the element of your ninjas.
iii) Buy/Equip abilities/items with attributes useful for the battle.
iv) Train your ninjas via sneak attack.
v) Go for the weaker guardian instead. (Make sure your main team does not need the LW exclusive to stronger leftover guardian on this run.)
vi) Beat some Bijuu for exp and Ryo.

Q: Do I need to beat the Bijuu on Naruto team for it to appear on main?
A: Not really. You can skip them on Naruto team if you like.

Q: When can I stop training my Naruto team?
A: After you beat Akatsuki Temple.

Q: Am I screwed in the last battle if I train my Naruto team too much?
A: The level cap in the calculation of your Naruto team strength in that battle is 15. In other words, having a level 30 Naruto team is no different from having a level 15 one when you fight them.

Q: Should I take off everything from my Naruto team to make them easier to beat for the last battle?
A: Yes, they actually benefit from their equipped items/abilities so there is no point in making the fight harder by keeping their tools.

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