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Arrow Functions of Different Ninjas

Introduction - What is this guide for?
In this guide I will introduce the functions of different ninjas and divide them into different tiers. Basic knowledge of the game's mechanisms such as Seal and Chakra is required as specific terms will be used. New players are recommended to read through this guide before buying any ninjas in order to minimize Ryo wastage. More experienced players may also refer to this guide for their progression on higher difficulty modes.

It is important to note that a ninja who belongs to a lower tier is not necessarily an inferior option due to Chakra constraints. Top tier ninjas may have an adverse effect on your team as you have to pick weaker ninjas for other spots.

How to use this guide?
In each of the tiers listed below, I will list the ninjas by their Seal.
Ninjas with a default seal of 12-19 will be classified as HS (High Seal).
Ninjas with a default seal of 1-8 will be classified as LS (Low Seal).
Ninjas that belong to neither group as their seal of 9-11 allows them to go either way are classified as Hybrid.
Ninjas will be further categorized into Taijutsu-oriented, Ninjutsu-oriented or Balanced for specific builds.

A brief description of the tier will also be given for players to know more about when to consider the ninjas.

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